Center for Transformative Movement


Re-introducing Feeling Good as important to essential to wellbeing.


Associating Movement and Dance as a whole-body, fun, easy health choice that can be done anywhere, anytime, alone or with others!

To help re-connect people with themselves, others and the world around them thorugh providing opportunities for them to feel good through dance.
One person, one dance floor, one community at a time.


Freeform/Ecstatic Dance = Movement Meditation

What is this and Why is it important?

Freeform/Ecstatic dance, what we call Movement Meditation, is part of a growing and larger wellness trend with evidence based proof of its benefits known to reduce stress and promote wellbeing, similar to Mindfulness Practices, Martial Arts & Yoga.
Dancing this way on a regular basis expands an individual’s understanding for self-care through an a simple, effective and fun method that promotes physical, mental, emotional wellbeing.

  • Introduces the idea of self-care as effortless and fun
  • Provides a therapeutic lifestyle tool/practice
  • Reframes Mental Illness into Mental Wellness
  • Reduces associated stigmas
  • Group dance gatherings are well-known as a beneficial lifestyle and wellness practice and are appearing in workplaces, senior homes, schools – anywhere people spend time together as a community


Bringing dance back into the public realm!

The Center for Transformative Movement (CTM) is about bringing dance back into the public realm, back to the daylight…. Back to where the people are. We recognize that moving our bodies freely to music – literally becoming moved – on a regular basis is a very important, yet overlooked part of being human with proven, and until nowunrecognized health benefits that help people Connect, Express and Release.


Introducing Freeform Dance as an energing self-care therapeutic tool you can do anywhere, anytime, alone or with others disguised as FUN!

Once solely associated with entertainment, nighttime and partying, our team knows from both personal experience and having danced with thousands over the years, that mainstream populations are ready, open and excited to embrace this form of movement as both:

  • a self-care health and wellness toll you can use anywhere, anytime, alone or with others
  •  a lifestyle / fitness practice similar to yoga or martial arts you can do regularly to feel energized, self-expressed and fit


Presenting the evidence base

..and making the direct and significant association that all dance – and most recently, Freeform Dance, as a form of Somatic Movement – has on our mental wellness and whole-body wellbeing.  It literally makes you feel good, and is free of charge, effortless and FUN!


Promoting alternatives

Inviting  people to participate in a refreshing alternative to group activities centered around alcohol and drug use, in offering them the direct and personal experience of moving their bodies to music as a an actual fitness and mental wellness practice.

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