Center for Transformative Movement

Center for Transformative Movement

Come, move with us!

Located in Boulder – Colorado, The Center for Transformative Movement (CTM) is all about helping people to feel good. One person and one community at a time…


That Wellness occurs naturally within us when we connect with, and activate the life force energy inside of us.

That Freeform / Ecstatic Dance is ultimately that
access to, and connection with, our life force, our inspiration, our energetic center and the place where we feel like the best version of ourselves.

That there is an emerging global movement forming around Freeform / Ecstatic Dance, which, backed by evidence-based research, Is one that is currently gaining worldwide attention through media, the academic world and becoming increasingly researched as a health and wellness tool helping people to de-stress and re-connect with themselves, others and with something larger than themselves.

That the simple practice of moving our body freely to music, without steps or someone we have to follow, is considered by some to be the ‘New Yoga’ in its shared beneficial, profound mood-elevating qualities. Like yoga and other mindfulness practices,  Freeform / Ecstatic Dance provides participants with the experience of a calm, yet energized, uplifted and heightened state of being.

That is… The Next Evolution!

We Offer

substantive, FUN and transformative spaces and activities
where people learn and experience how easy and enjoyable it can be to:

Center for Transformative Movement



with yourself and others

Center for Transformative Movement



Express yourself

Center for Transformative Movement



stress in your body

An opportunity to directly experience this globally emerging self-care,
therapeutic health and wellness tool disguised as FUN!


Enjoy the subtle, yet profoundly uplifted shift in your mood, energy level and outlook that results from simply connecting with yourself in this way for a few minutes during your day.

Download your PDF with this simple Movement Meditation Practice, click PLAY and DANCE NOW!

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Center for Transformative Movement


Covering topics from courses and events.

Center for Transformative Movement

Community Partners

How we build community

We build outreach by engaging with individuals, local communities, national and international networks by promoting conversations on the power of Freeform/Ecstatic Dance. We partner up with different organizations to create awareness and produce events where people have a place to come together and connect in a common place to cultivate wellbeing through the power of dance as Movement Meditation.

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    Lisa Fasullo

    Phone: (720) 971-1972

    Web: CTM

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